WEF’s vision is to enrich the local learning community, sparking the interests of students to enable them to:

  • Discover their potential
  • Gain the skills to build their future, and
  • Become contributing members in their communities.

It’s a big idea that we’re making happen! As of August 2023, we’ve given $218,892 to local teachers to support STEM, the arts, humanities, trade education, athletics, community service, social programs and more. Read about our grants.

How we do it

We invite public school teachers, who often operate under strict budgets and rigid curriculum requirements, to apply for grants to start hands-on learning programs. Funding comes from the community – people like you! — through donations, fundraisers and sponsorships.  Learn how you can support public education.

Who we are

WEF is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed by Windsor citizens in 2007 to support its public school teachers who strive for student success. We are a volunteer-led organization with an active, passionate board. Interested in becoming a board member? Fill out our nomination form.