Windsor Education Foundation Awards Grants to Windsor Public Schools to Fund Innovative Learning Programs 

$11,000 in Grants Awarded to Fund 8 Projects Submitted by Teachers in the District 

Windsor Education Foundation (WEF) has awarded a total of $11,000 grants to fund 8 projects proposed by teachers in Windsor Public Schools, including a $1,000 science grant from The Christine Gasparino Memorial Fund.  All Windsor Public Schools certified staff was eligible to apply for grants. 

WEF is a non-profit organization, now in its 14th year, that was formed with the goal of supporting excellence in Windsor Public Schools.  Since 2007, WEF has awarded $186,800 to local public-school educators.  The programs funded for 2022 will directly benefit more than 1,400 students across all grades.

Following is a synopsis of the 2022 Grants:  

Clover Street students will explore The World Through Our Eyes under the direction of Caitlin Bramucci. Learning basic photographic concepts, students will use latest camera equipment to create images that will be compiled into Book Creator to publish their work. Students will be able to express themselves and share their thoughts on sports, portraits, fashion, architecture and more. 

Windsor High teachers Derrith Green and Kevin McGee will foster a love of reading and literature across the school community by establishing an inaugural WHS Book Award. The goal of the WHS Board Award will be to build a literary community by empowering our students to read high interest fiction promoting diverse authors and/or characters. Participants will review books, hold discussion groups, and cast votes for their favorite book.  

Led by Lynne DeVito, Clover Street School Garden Of Dreams Gardening Club is dedicated to the transformation of public education by creating an organic school garden. This project will teach both academic subjects and the values of nourishment, stewardship, and team building. The Garden of Dreams will provide hands-on experiences that connect students to food, nature, and each other. Grant is recipient of the Christine Gasparino Memorial Fund 

Kindness Matters Project is student-driven and facilitated by teacher Monica Brase. Students are proposing several different activities to spread positive messages to the entire school population. Such activities will provide practices for developing positive relationship and building connections between and among all grades. Core group of students will lead development of activities that will reach across all students daily.   

At Poquonock School, teacher Cohl Miler will create Sensory Paths and a revolving SEL Story Walk that incorporates interactive stops for students. Sensory paths are a series of guided movements for students to follow, shown by markings on the ground or walls. As students follow the path they are able to use up excess energy, refocus their minds and develop their gross motor skills. Story walks take a book and break it down to multiple stops along a set path. Students follow the path to read the story and complete the activities at each stop.  

Windsor High teachers Jeff Goodin and Gary Nolan will provide “real-world” learning opportunities in video production, graphic design, music recording technology, composition, including original student music through “The Home Room Concert Series”. This venture provides opportunities for students of all learning abilities and provides additional opportunities for students to get involved either by working behind or in front of the camera. Project will be shared with the entire school community upon completion.  

Damion Morgan and Amy Tebecio will create a series of Sensory Paths, both indoors and outdoors, at Clover Street School. Sensory paths help support brain development and student learning, while providing opportunities for students to take brain breaks. Brain breaks serve as an outlet that helps students release excess energy to help them concentrate on their studies. Implementing sensory paths connects to developing a positive school climate and increased agency, where students can practice self-awareness and self-control. 

Sheena Boyle, teacher at Windsor High, will conduct SWEAT Summer Program for seniors who are making post-secondary plans. Student Workshops Enabling Academic Transitions offer students information about the college admissions process and other postsecondary opportunities. Different workshops spanning over the course of the month of July include The College Search, The College Essay, Resume Writing and Letters of Recommendation, and the College application process their senior year. 

“We are pleased to provide funds for unique and innovative programs developed by passionate, creative and committed Windsor Educators,” said Cristina Santos, Vice-president of Windsor Education Foundation. “The impact [of these programs] to our educational communities is thrilling, as through these initiatives we can develop curious minds, build students’ confidence, and engage students in irreplaceable learning opportunities.  We thank the generous business and individual donors and those who participated in our fundraising programs for making these grants possible.”