Students build problem solving skills!

WEF is excited to support teachers throughout the Windsor Public School District by funding the Breakout EDU Experience.  This is a riddle-based set of lessons where students must work together in teams or as an entire classroom to solve clues and puzzles that guide them to find the correct combination for the locks on a box.  These activities required the students to think logically, creatively, use critical thinking, and communication while working collaboratively to solve a common problem.

By all accounts, this year’s first experience was a complete success.  Teacher Stephen Rodonis reports: “Students were immersed and engaged as they participated in the Breakout EDU game.”  The materials purchased can be used over and over again, allowing more students to have opportunity to work as a team to unlock the box, competing against the clock.

To learn more about the Breakout EDU Experience, check out their website: